Monthly Archives: December 2011

 I’ve recently discovered how much fun it is to do fashion illustrations with watercolor!

People always tell me it’s harder to paint with acrylics or oils, but I find watercolor so much easier, and much less of a mess to clean up afterwards….

Look at all the color possibilites!

First picture I was inspired by the crazy colors and patterns from the D&G SS2012 collection

Second picture, I was dreaming of tropical climates, striking blue and bright orange is so beautiful when worn in the sunshine.

Thrid picture, my sister recently painted her room Lilac, so I thought this would match nicely (she also loves wolves, I haven’t painted them yet! they’re standing in front of the girl)

My CG art

Amilie Automn in a pink and frilly corset

This lady has some very unique style, she dresses the way I wish I could dress in every day life,

if only people didn’t dress so casual nowadays. It’s so upsetting showing up to a party where everyone is dressed in jeans! Jeans is for home, or school, or errands… i.e. for boring events,

how often do we have an opportunity to dress up!

The good thing about Montreal is there are some people who agree with me, and hold costume parties at least once a month 😉

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So I’ve finally come up with the name for my blog, a blog that has been floating around in my imagination for a few months now.

Dream up fashion.

During a parent-teacher meeting at my highschool, my mom was told by my science teacher I was a “dreamy girl” Which I very much was… I’d spend every class sketching or doodling whilst in my own little world. I have no idea how I managed with good grades, I think I need my mind to be elsewhere sometimes in order to do my work!

From my day dreams I found so many ideas, ideas for fashion, for costumes, for dance, creativity is my everything. This blog is a reflection of that, I get inspired by the things I see, I draw whatever picture I’ve dreamt up, and I share it with you 🙂