Monthly Archives: February 2012

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!
I made this illustration for my boyfriend. I love lingerie, it’s just so delicate and feminine, the lace, fine mesh, embroidery and fine beading! It’s a fashion designer’s dream! One day I think I will take up the fine art of lingerie making. It’s very similar to all the sparkly bras I used to make for belly dancing, just less flashy!


That ALMOST rhymes.
It’s chilly outside, and my favorite outfit while snuggling inside on the couch, drawing of course, is a boyfriend sweater, and leggings.
Or if I’m feeling especially hobo I’ll put on some sweats.
but for Fashion’s sake the lady in this drawing is wearing jeans….
My boyfriend is a hoodie hoarder, and I love to steal them, especially in the winter! This drawing is a tribute to my kleptomania and his hoodie hoarding 🙂